Imported Coal Suppliers| Australian Coal Suppliers & US Coal suppliers in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh

Imported Coal Suppliers in India, Nepal & Bangladesh

Australian Coal suppliers in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh, VRIPL is leading imported coal suppliers, we are US Coal suppliers in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh We are leading the industry for more than 30 years, our networking with coal miners ensure to supply demanded quantity and the timely delivery of shipment.
V R International is ISO 9001: 2015 certified company. We have our presence in 10 countries 5 continents.

Australian Coal
GCV (kcal/kg)  ABD Basis Total Moisture ARB Basis Inherent Moisture  ADB Basis ASH (ABD Basis)
6300 9% 5% 0.14

Size (mm)              -   0 - 50 mm
Being Australian Coal Suppliers in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and having vast networking with miners we always ensure timely delivery & best price. V R International, Australian Coal suppliers provide a high quality of coal. Australian Coal has two verities, either is black coal or bituminous coal or brown coal or lignite.
Australian coal is most demanded in thermal power plants, steel industry, cement industry, a textile industry many other sectors.
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GCV kcal/kg (ARB) Total Moisture (ARB) Ash Content (ARB)
7249 5.87 PCT 7.92 PCT
6915 7.01 PCT 8.84 PCT
6517 10.61 PCT 9.48  PCT
6406 11.96 PCT 8.35 PCT

Size (mm)              -   0 - 50 mm

US Coal

V R International is leading US coal suppliers in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. US Coal is high-grade coal which offers high thermal efficiency and carbon content and lower moisture. It is generally hard and having high density.
Since US Coal has high thermal efficiency, it is considered best for metallurgical and chemical industries it also uses in high thermal efficiency intensive industries. V R International is the best US Coal Suppliers as compare to any other because of our network.
VRIPL is Australian Coal Suppliers in India and Nepal. We provide high-grade coal textile industry, steel industry, thermal power plants, and many other coal intensive industries. VR International provides Indian coal varieties as well as imported coal varieties in India and Nepal. Australian coal is high-density coal which makes it useful for various industries. VRIPL is US coal as well as Australian Coal Suppliers in India. We are connected to the leading coal miners in Australia which ensure the timely delivery on all major ports.
Being one of the pioneer Australian Coal Suppliers in India and Nepal, we provide coal to coal business, wholesalers and coal intensive industries and individual coal dealers.
To buy or to discuss your quires to Australian Coal Suppliers in India and Nepal, contact us.

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