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May 30, 2019

Anthracite Coal

We supply high-quality Anthracite Coal at best rates to the energy market.

Properties of Anthracite coal:

– Hard, dense and sub-metallic luster

– High carbon content

– Low volatile matter

– Highest energy density

– Extremely low ash content

Detailed Specifications:

Sr No.


1 GCV (kcal/kg) (ADB) 7200
2 Fixed Carbon (ADB) 85%
3 Total Moisture(ARB) 8% Max.
4 Ash Content(ADB) 8% Max.
5 Volatile Matter (ADB) 6% Max.
6 Total Sulphur (ADB) 0.90% Max.
7 Phosphorous 0.025% Max.

Size: 10- 30 mm

+30 mm, at load port: 5% Max

-10 mm, at load port: 10% Max


Usage: Anthracite coal releases high amount of energy and is clean coal as it releases very low smoke. This coal is widely used in power generation, as a domestic fuel and is needed in multiple industrial applications.

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